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                        Zinc Plating Nuts
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                        Zinc Plating Nuts

                        Ningbo Haixin is one of the leading nut manufacturers in China. Our factory has a wide range of zinc plating nuts from diameter M6 to M100. And these zinc plating nuts are available in different materials and grades. As a direct sales nuts factory, we have ready stock for zinc plating nuts and export them to customers all over the work. With best quality and fastest delivery, we sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad for business cooperation.

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                        Product Description

                        Zinc plating refers to the surface of metal, alloy or other materials with a layer of zinc to play a beautiful, rust prevention and other surface treatment technology. Zinc plating nuts includes various types of nuts and plating. The nuts can be hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, square nuts, lock nuts, flange nuts, slotted nuts, and others. And the zinc plantings can be zinc blue, zinc yellow, zinc white, silver zinc and others. Compared with other coatings, zinc plating is relatively inexpensive and easy to coat with metal and fasteners. Zinc plating nuts also become economical and competitive.

                        Zinc Plating Nuts Parameter (Specification)

                        Chromate 3  Cr3+
                        Fe/Zn 12  SC3  12um
                        Zinc Blue
                        ASTM B633
                        Chromate 6  Cr6+
                        Fe/Zn 8   SC2  8um
                        Zinc Yellow

                        Fe/Zn 5   SC1  5um
                        Zinc White

                        Zinc Plating Nuts Advantages

                        Good corrosion resistance, meticulous and uniform combination;
                        The layer is pure. Long time effective protection of the fasteners body;
                        A variety of colors can be selected according to customers’ favorite.
                        Zinc plating nuts are beautiful, generous and decorative;
                        Zinc coating has good ductility, bending and handling impact. The zinc plating will not easily fall.

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