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                        ISO 4035 Hex Nut
                        • ISO 4035 Hex NutISO 4035 Hex Nut

                        ISO 4035 Hex Nut

                        Haixin® ISO 4035 Hex Nut is a relatively niche product for our factory. Its demand is not as large as common ISO4032 hex nut, and its weight is not as prominent as that of DASt021 hex nut.Even so, ISO4035 hex nut still plays an important role in practical applications. Since customers need ISO4035 hex nuts, Ningbo Haixin Hardware Co.,Ltd produces them with best quality to cooperate with our customers.

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                        Product Description

                        Haixin® ISO 4035 Hex Nut specifies the characteristics of chamfered hexagon thin nuts. From this we know the height of ISO 4035 Hex Nut nut is much thinner than that of ISO4032 hex nut or DIN934 hex nut. Also because of its thinner thickness, the requirements for production operations will be higher. With many years’ production experience, Ningbo Haixin Hardware Co.,Ltd can always offer the perfect ISO4035 hex nut for our customers.

                        Product Parameter (Specification)

                        Class 8

                        Class 10

                        Zinc Blue

                        Zinc Yellow




                        Product Feature

                        For Haixin® ISO4035 hex nut, the acceptance procedure is per ISO3269. ISO4035 hex nut with zinc plating, its requirements are covered in ISO4042. Requirements for non-electrolyte applied zinc flake coating are covered in ISO10683. And limits of surface discontinuities are covered in ISO6157-2.

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