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                        Hot Dip Galvanized Nuts
                        • Hot Dip Galvanized NutsHot Dip Galvanized Nuts

                        Hot Dip Galvanized Nuts

                        Ningbo Haixin is a high quality hot dip galvanized nuts producer and exporter in China. Our factory can produce a full range of hot dip galvanized nuts with different materials and classes. With annual nut production of 25000 tons and output value of more than 35 million USD, Ningbo Haixin is also one of the biggest nut factories in China. Our factory has 1 well-known national trademark NHX, and 2 famous registered trademarks HX and LM overseas. And we have obtained the recognition of “Ningbo Famous Export Brand”. Our factory is fully capable of providing better quality, faster delivery and a much more favorable price.

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                        Product Description

                        Hot dip galvanized nuts are also called HDG nuts. Our factory began to supply hot dip galvanized nuts 20 years ago. We have full experience of making and controlling these products. And for HDG nuts, our production range is from metric M10 to M100, and 3/8” to 4”. Customers can easily get all the hot dip galvanized nuts with different sizes and grades in our own factory. We can pack these HDG nuts according to customers’ requirements with different materials and sizes. All hot dip galvanized nuts are packed in high quality materials to prevent harm.

                        Hot Dip Galvanized Nuts Parameter (Specification)

                        STM A153/153M

                        Hot Dip Galvanized Nuts Features

                        Hot dip galvanized coatings are applied to coarse threaded fasteners from M8 up to and including M64 and property classes up to and including 10.9 for bolts, screws and studs and 12 for nuts. Our factory makes many hot dip galvanized nuts for wind power and oil and gas fields. Unless otherwise agreed, hot dip galvanized nuts heat treated or work hardened to a hardness of more than 320HV shall be cleaned using an inhibited acid, alkaline or mechanical process. Threads of hot dip galvanized nuts shall be tapped after hot dip galvanizing. Retapping is not allowed in our factory.

                        Hot Dip Galvanized Nuts Advantages

                        The cost of hot dip galvanized nuts is relatively low;
                        The hot dip galvanizing process is fast and the coating toughness is strong;
                        The consumption of hot dip galvanized layer in the atmosphere is relatively slow. Its lift span is far greater than other coating.
                        Due to severe mechanical damage or other reasons, the hot dip galvanized layer may fall off. Even so, the surrounding zinc layer will pay a sacrificial anode function and protect the nuts.

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