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                        Hex Nuts FlZnLnc
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                        Hex Nuts FlZnLnc

                        Hex nuts flZnLnc are a kind of hex nuts with a novel anti-corrosion coating. flZnLnc is known as Non-Electrolytic Zinc Chromate. With a more environmentally friendly surface treatment system, hex nuts flZnLnc are more and more popular in the fasteners industry. Ningbo Haixin Hardware Co., Ltd.is a professional and leading nuts supplier. Then we choose the best flZnLnc coating suppliers in China for our customers to cooperate together and achieve win-win. With more new equipment coming and upgrading internally, our factory has more confidence to service our customers better.

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                        Product Description

                        flZnLnc is a new inorganic anti-corrosive coating with scale-like zinc as the main component after baking,which is dipped, brushed, or sprayed on the surface of iron, steel parts or fasteners. Our factory began to supply hex nuts flZnLnc to European customers 10 years ago.At that time, few customers sent inquiries about hex nuts flZnLnc, and the quantity was very small.But now more and more end users realize that they should use this environmental protection coating.All our flZnLnc suppliers have been approved by fasteners fields or international giants such as GE, Siemens and Gamesa. Quality can be best guaranteed.

                        Product Parameter (Specification)

                        Coating thickness
                        Salt Spray Test
                        Delta Tone 9000
                        Min 5um

                        Geomet 321 Plus VLh
                        Min 8um

                        Magni D90/P06G
                        Min 12um

                        Remcor 50/930L


                        Product Features

                        Due to the factors of high temperature baking molding process, the construction process of flZnLnc coating doesn’t have the problem of brittleness, and aluminum and its alloy will not produce galvanic corrosion. Hex nuts flZnLnc have been widely used nowadays because of its advantage in corrosion resistance and environmental protection.

                        Product Certification

                        Coefficient of friction is one of the most important requirements for hex nuts flZnLnc. Ningbo Haixin was awarded ISO9001 and CE certificates by LRQA in 2007. We also have certificates of ISO14001, ISO45001, PED and API-20E of BSL1 and BSL2.Our own lab has 3 sets of equipment to test the coefficient of friction. They are 3000NM, 10000NM and 30000NM. We can provide friction coefficient report for nuts size M8-M72.

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